Living the Nana Life

During a recent summertime visit with the granddaughter, she told me she really liked the "nana life."  I, of course, asked what exactly she considered the "nana life."

She had four basic tenets:

1.  It is tidy. I admit I do like everything in its place. Frequent purging helps with the tidiness. She did, however, go on to say, "I don't know how you do it though, considering what you live with."  I did not ask for clarification. I am hoping she was referring to the dogs and not her Bumpy.

2.  It has good foods.  By good foods she obviously means grilled cheese, macaroni and cheese, and cookies.  In other words, she usually gets to eat anything she wants while visiting, much to the chagrin of her parents. Ha Ha.

3.  You play games.  She is a card shark so mostly we play card games but she also has starting playing Scrabble with me and at the age of 10, does really well. During a recent lull in a card game, we had a conversation about "southern" talk.  She was born in New York and now lives in New Jersey,so let's face it, there is a whole "nother" vocabulary in those places.
        She started with, "I don't know why people say, "do what now?" when they haven't heard what you said."  I have to admit, I don't know either, but I also have to admit I say that pretty often.  She went on to say she knows that we say "y'all" and she knows that means people. I then ask if she had ever heard "fixin' to" as in "I am "fixin to" win this game." That was meant with a quiet "hmmm."
And that was the end of that conversation.

4. You read books.  This one is pretty self explanatory.  When she was little and a non-reader, I spent many hours reading to her and then when she began to read she spent many hours reading to me! She is quite the animated reader as well. Now we are to the point of just sitting and reading our own books either together or separately when we need some quiet time.

Bottom line, this life may not sound all that exciting, but I also really like the "nana life."

That's it for now.
Check back later!


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