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Oh Canada!

Bell Tower on Saint Lawrence River, Montreal Bumpy and I recently returned from a trip to visit our neighbors to the north. Let  me start out by saying the weather was great and there were no major problems!   Always a good thing. (Smiley face). We visited Montreal, Knowlton (in the eastern townships) and Quebec City. And even though this part of Canada is French speaking, we had absolutely no trouble understanding people and had no trouble being understood. Because.....every single person we had contact with was bi-lingual!  Once they knew we spoke English, they immediately switched from French to English and things went along as usual. I'm thinking that non-English speakers that come to the U.S. are not as lucky in finding someone to speak their native language. (Just a thought). We, of course, being mono-lingual probably appeared lame, although no one made any mention of it. People were sooooo polite and helpful. They would actually stop what they were