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One Word For a New Year

 It has taken me the whole first month of this new year to come up with my "one word" resolution.  I thought maybe "thankful" would be good. Or maybe "grateful." After all I have remained healthy for the last year. But, I wasn't totally on board with either. I even considered "plastics", but apparently you have to be over fifty to appreciate that one. I surmised this after offering that one word of advice to my eighteen year old great-nephew upon his high school graduation. In the past few years I have chosen pamper (myself), faith, two-week cleanse (technically more than one word) and for 2020 it was branch-out. Well, I don't have to tell you how that went. Not a whole lot of choices for new adventures this past year. The other day I was catching up on some blog reading and came across an article written by Greg Behr. I had no idea who this fellow was other than his bio stated he writes about minimalist living, is a father and husband, a