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Some Random Thoughts

Random picture of a gnome Have you ever noticed that all the articles about spending too much time online are found online? Apparently, your entire life can be ruined in a heartbeat if you spend hours everyday checking email, reading blogs, updating your Facebook account, or heaven forbid, posting pictures of your lunch online. (Sorry, I was just interrupted by a message on my phone.) I'm back. Where were we? Oh yes, my thought is that spending too much time online can be boring, time wasting, and numbing to your brain, but probably not fatal. (Hopefully)  Have you ever noticed that the closed captions on television programs contain numerous and often humerous mispellings? Watching a baseball game last summer, one player was referred to as Carrots Heany (Victor Caratini) and another as Car Insurance (Wilson Contreras). And nothing has been more painful than the references to the Covid pandemic. I have seen Cough19, Coffee19, Call-off19, (I have to agree with that one), Cogod19, Cod