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A Troubling Tip

Well, the tree is up and the fake presents are underneath. You may be asking, "Miss Beth, why would you put fake presents under your tree?" The short answer: all our gifts go out of town, so to keep from looking like a total loser, I simply stuff tissue paper into bags and voila! it's Christmas! So a couple of weeks ago, I was reading a local publication that offers a variety of articles including local restaurant reviews, suggestions of places to visit throughout the state, short stories, book reviews, recipes, holiday specialty drinks, interviews with local "celebrities"  gardening tips and much, much more! In the advertisement section, a box with the heading "Christmas Tip" caught my eye. It started out with "wrap empty boxes for presents" (see someone else had the same idea) but then suddenly it went really off the rails because the rest of the tip read, "and when your child misbehaves or doesn't listen throw one in