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It's T-i-i-i-i-m-e !

You know what I mean. It's that time of the year. It's time to hold that new box of crayons up to your nose and take a big sniff and think "all is right with the world." Okay, that's probably only me, but I'm sure everyone has their own special school memory. Today I would like to speak to teachers of young children. I have some tips that I think (hope) you will find helpful as you and your little ones begin the new year. First, remember since you are an adult the frontal lobe of your brain is developed and you have higher order thinking skills. This should give you a slight edge over the children. With that being said, remember that you are outnumbered, probably by about 10 to 1 at least. So, just remember when you are facing an angry mob that you are the adult, you are in charge, and you have got this. (Smiley face). Second, what ever you do, keep moving. I am talking the whole time that class is in session. Believe me, the children will b