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Winter Time Fun!

Time for the goodies! We recently took a winter time trip to celebrate an early Christmas with family and to check an item off of the bucket list. The visit with family was filled with fun, food, and lots of game playing.  Usually card games are the main focus but this time it was Monopoly. We also baked (read that as ate) several dozen cookies and were entertained by the new grand cat, Stanley. Stanley checks out the new waffle maker under the tree. What, you ask, was the bucket list item?  Drum roll, please. It was a trip to upstate New York to visit Woodstock and Cooperstown, home of the National Baseball Hall of Fame!! The village of Woodstock, as many of you know, was not the actual site of the famous music festival in 1969 (that was the town of Bethell) but none the less, who doesn't want to visit Woodstock? A philosophical statement. Just had to stop by and purchase a tie-dyed pair of socks. Lots of peace, love, and you name