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Covid, Covid Go Away! Little Ones Want to Play!

  "The basket" "Loose parts" Read on for more information! It's been awhile but I'm back! First let me start with sending out my heartfelt thanks to teachers working their way through this pandemic. Also, parents that are trying to cope with all of this and let's don't forget the children. They also have a challenge with all of this. Before I give some advice on helping preschool age children learn at home, I want to address the "concern" of some people that without children going to a brick and mortar building to learn, they are  "falling behind."    I need to ask those people, exactly what/who are they "falling behind?" Themselves? each other? children in other countries? Well, folks, it's my humble opinion that they are not "falling behind" anything or anybody. They are just where they are , academically, emotionally, and socially. Do not panic!  They will continue to learn and grow through experiences p