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Time To Say Good-bye

Quincy the Coonhound passed away, Thursday, July 12, after a long battle with Cushing's Disease and heart failure. He was 12 years old. Quincy was a good boy. He had an engaging smile that spread from one coonhound ear to the other. He also had a howl that only a mother (and dad) could love. He enjoyed "taking the sun" on the deck and eating. And although he rarely showed excitement on the outside, I know that he was excited on the inside as he ran at the dog park with his sister and spent time with his dad at the coffee shop. Along with his parents, he is survived by his sister, Gracie, and his little brother Joe Cocker. He was buried between two red oak trees planted by his dad on the grounds of St. Scholastica Monastery. He will be missed. Quincy had a wide range of interests. Quincy sharing his space in the car with his sister. Quincy and Gracie waiting for a treat. (I'm pretty sure). P.S. Quincy came to us from the Ah

Five Fascinating (?) Facebook Finds

 In the title of this post, I used the word fascinating. However, I probably should have used a different word. Because the articles I saw weren't as fascinating as they were just plain weird. #1 An article declaring that eating boogers may be good for your health, didn't even merit a read. After all, the many years I spent in the early childhood classroom cured any curiosity I might have had regarding boogers. I do have to admit that I have known many "booger eaters" and apparently they have grown up to be productive citizens. #2 An article on how to find the pet rat that fits you and your family did catch my attention for about 3 seconds.  I often read articles about how to select the right dog breed for your family, although I don't know why since I already have 3 dogs and they seem to be just right for me! I did not, however, read this article since I am not now or will ever be in the market for a "pet rat." #3 Woman glues dead bugs to e