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Retirement, Simple Living, and Me: The Signs of a Small Town

I recently read a blog post about "slow" blogging. Slow blogging is basically not stressing out over creating new posts and not getting in a hurry to post new items. Since it has been over a month since my last post, I guess I really took the advice from that article to heart! With that being said,  take what you will from that little nugget of information and let's continue on to today's post. As many people can attest, retirement has many perks. For example, an inordinate amount of "robo" calls for new hearing aids, back braces, chair lifts, and walk-in bathtubs can provide entertainment on a daily basis.  However, today I'm writing about one of the more, to me anyway, desirable perks: more time to travel.  I have several short trips planned in the near future, but today I would like to share some photos from my trip to the northeast.  In a way it was like a time travel experience. I left my house in the spring (trees were budding), travele