One Word For a New Year

 It has taken me the whole first month of this new year to come up with my "one word" resolution.  I thought maybe "thankful" would be good. Or maybe "grateful." After all I have remained healthy for the last year. But, I wasn't totally on board with either. I even considered "plastics", but apparently you have to be over fifty to appreciate that one. I surmised this after offering that one word of advice to my eighteen year old great-nephew upon his high school graduation.

In the past few years I have chosen pamper (myself), faith, two-week cleanse (technically more than one word) and for 2020 it was branch-out. Well, I don't have to tell you how that went. Not a whole lot of choices for new adventures this past year.

The other day I was catching up on some blog reading and came across an article written by Greg Behr. I had no idea who this fellow was other than his bio stated he writes about minimalist living, is a father and husband, and owns a communications firm. Sounded like an upstanding citizen. Plus the title was intriguing. 

The title: Just Eat A Banana.

He described his efforts to come up with a healthier diet and discovered that he was putting many hours, a lot of energy and even spending too much money attempting to figure out healthier substitutions to alleviate his cravings for the not so healthy foods in his current diet.  He went on to write about his propensity to create complex solutions for simple problems. That spoke to me! How many times have I (an admitted genetically predisposed worrier) spent waaay too much time and energy on coming up with a solution for a problem?

He wondered why spend so much time, energy and effort to complicate things when a very simple solution could be staring us in the face? (This is where the banana comes in). He decided the mantra, "just eat a banana" was the answer.

After all, according to Greg, a banana is filling, contains lots of vitamins, and costs about a quarter. You can eat one, be nourished,  and move on with your day to focus on important matters.

I shouted Eureka and Amen brother! I had my one word resolution for 2021.


So when I face a new problem or difficult situation this year, I'm going to just BANANA it.

I encourage you to join me!

That's it for now.

Check back later!


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