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A Letter to Baby Ben

Dear Baby Ben, While I am currently calling you Baby Ben, I know that the day will come when you say, "I'm not a baby" and I will have to call you just Ben or Benjamin, but that's okay. Even though you are only one month old, I know some things about you already and one of them is that you will grow and develop as intended so I'm not worried about that. You will learn to roll over, sit up by yourself, crawl, walk, run, feed yourself with a spoon (after a fashion), talk, and probably scream a little as well. Sorry, I almost forgot about climbing, throwing, and riding a bike! You'll have plenty of help learning the names and sounds of letters, how to count, how to read, and how to write because your parents and others will help you do that. You will also have plenty of time for all of that "stuff" so please feel free to remind grown ups not to rush you! I also know that you are and will be loved by lots and lots of people. You have parents, a