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A Christmas Past

I originally wrote this for a church choir newsletter in the year 2000.  I think it is still relevant today and hope that you do too! I'm writing this to confess.  I didn't put up a Christmas tree last year and I don't intend to put one up this year either.  I know what you are thinking.  What kind of a grinch doesn't decorate a tree?  Let me explain. It all began around this time last year during a routine visit to the vet.  Our adorable hound dog puppy, Zoey, was seven months old at the time and very much exhibited the joie de vivre that only hound dog pups can.  After several minutes of maneuvers that looked like something from a World Federation wrestling match, Dr. Jim looked at me and said,  "You aren't thinking of putting up a tree this year, are you?"  It was really more a statement than a question.  Not wanting to appear ignorant in puppy raising protocol I replied,  "Oh, of course not." On the way home I pondered how to brea