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New Year--New Word--Maddietude.

  Maddie                                                                                This year I have decided to have a new attitude toward life's many pleasures as well as life's many problems. I have been studying the attitude of this little girl for the last two years or so. She has a great attitude toward life. Of course, being just two and a half, she hasn't had too many trials and tribulations,  but when one arises she meets it with Maddietude. That's what I want.  I want Maddietude! You know, the kind where you give yourself permission to eat, while you're shopping. Or the kind of attitude that allows finding joy in watering flowers with your brand new unicorn water gun. The kind of attitude that gives you the gumption to pack up all the toys and leave. The kind of attitude that gives you the power to stop the birthday party proceedings to try on your new bright yellow gardening gloves. Or the attitude that says, "so what if it's a birthday party

Books With Benny

 From his earliest days, Benny loved books.  He enjoyed looking at  the colors and shapes.  He then discovered the rhythm of the sounds and words. And now, at the age of 5, he has become my go to book critic. Benny appears to be a lover of the classics. These two were favorites last summer. We blob painted clouds and ate strawberries for lunch after reading these! Two of his favorites last summer. A favorite from our last reading time was a more recently published book.   The Most Magnificent Thing, written and illustrated by Ashley Spires is the story of a little girl who is determined to build the "most magnificent thing" and sets about with the help of her dog to collect objects to use. As she works, she's not satisfied with any one creation, but at the end, by taking something from each one, she finally admits she has built the most magnificent thing! This is a perfect book for a little guy or gal who also loves to build things. Benny spends time building with duplos,