Still Hanging Out

It's been a while since I have written on this blog. So, I thought I would take a minute and catch everybody up on my latest adventures. 

I took my first Covid-19 airplane trip in July to go see my girls and son-in-law. Lots of people were flying and the mask mandate was in place.  I didn't have any problem with wearing a mask, but I must say, Delta Airlines, that one tiny wipe given out upon boarding just didn't seem like enough effort on your part. Perhaps a pack of 24 and a can of Lysol spray would be more comforting to passengers. I did, however, appreciate the world's smallest bottle of water and the teeny tiny snack. I know that I could have had my mask off longer if I had chosen the little packet of Gold Fish, but since I'm over the age of four, I opted for the snack bar thingy.

At my destination, I walked a goat, played games with my girls, and had my picture taken with a lobster. Try not to be jealous. Everyone can't lead this kind of life. 😀

Just a goat looking for a treat.
Hard to resist those Bovidae eyes!

Early morning game of Sorry.
I won!

I've also been busy writing picture books. It's turned out to be super fun. I have a critique group and we meet on line once a month to mostly encourage each other and then laugh a lot. I am on the quest for an agent who thinks my books about a big-hearted, bumbling bovine, an extraordinary nut cracking squirrel, and a boy with a booger on his shoe are as funny as I do. So far, they don't.😕

I'm still hanging out with Benny and Maddie. We continue to read, paint, build, and chase each other around. Out latest creation was a pumpkin patch. We stuffed lunch bags with paper and then painted with orange paint and drew with markers to decorate them. I found out what I have suspected all along, the stuffing part is the most fun!

Sorry, a picture of the pumpkin patch was unavailable, but 
thought you might enjoy this cutie pie building with Duplos.

On a more serious note, I recently read an article about the number of Kindergarten teachers who are leaving the classroom due to administrations demands regarding curriculum. Please people, stop the madness. You can't make a five year old into a seven year old just by dictating it! These are children who have just mastered keeping their pants on and opening their own milk carton. Especially after this last almost two years now, the need to keep play in the kindergarten classroom, instead of worksheets and readers, is even more crucial.  I finally had to quit reading because it was too sad. School districts are losing a lot of good teachers. And traumatizing a lot of young children. Administrators: wake up!

Okay, I got that out of my system. I'm traveling by air again soon. I pray that there are no "unruly" passengers on board. But, in case you're listening Delta Airlines, in my opinion, if you would arm everyone with a can of Lysol spray, it would cut out that nonsense!     

That's it for now.

Check back later!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        


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