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What's In A Name?

It seems that every time one turns around, there is an article or blog post about the best names (apparently in the whole wide world) for your new baby. Some have been popular for years and are still being used, some are "old-fashioned" names that are making a comeback, some are of foreign origin, and some are, in my opinion, "out there." As in Landscape is not a name for a baby, just saying. With that being said, a new baby was recently welcomed into our family. She is, of course, adorable and everyone is smitten with little Madison.  According to the Urban Dictionary the top definition of her name is " A Madison is overall sweet, beautiful, smart, and caring." That's pretty impressive! And I'm sure our little Madison will live up to her name! Now in our family, there is a tradition, of sorts, to use Elizabeth as a middle name for our new little girls. Originally, there was talk that Madison would be added to this list that includes her