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It's The Little "Stuff"

Lately, I have had a lot on my plate, as they say, and one of those things is dealing with the death of my dad. He died at the age of 99 years, 10 months, and 6 days. Family members were deep into the planning of his 100th birthday party  with invitations already printed, talk of a big cake versus 100 cupcakes, ordering decorations, and every member of the immediate family, both near and far, making plans to attend. As many of you know and have experienced, there is a lot of "stuff " to attend to after a loved one's passing. Going through personal belongings, paying bills, closing accounts, and notifying family members and friends just to mention a few. Among the "stuff" I found were some cartoons he  had saved.  Two of them were of a philosophical nature and the other a political  view. Or perhaps he just found that particular one funny in these unsettling times. I'm still thinking on that one:) The doctor is in and Lucy is using sports analogie