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Just Watch

"Just watching" in Edinburgh. Yogi Berra was a major league baseball player. He spent most of his career playing for the New York Yankees. He was a catcher and went on to be a manager and a coach as well. He was also known for saying some pretty unique, sometimes strange and/or confusing, things. One quote attributed to Yogi was "You can observe a lot by just watching." I tend to agree.  You not only can observe a lot, but often times you can learn a lot by just watching. One of the requirements of my former job was to observe. I observed grownups working with and teaching young children and I also observed young children playing and learning during their day at "school."  I was called to a child care center to observe a classroom of young three year olds.  They were having some trouble with transitions (pretty common with that age group) and wanted to have some suggestions/advice about how to handle these times in a more appropriate way.