Five Fast Facts: Brain Development in Young Children

The brain does not develop at an even pace, however it does take place in a predictable sequence.

By birth, the brain has developed the total 100 billion brain cells, or neurons, it possesses.  However,  the brain is a work in progress. Most of the neurons are still immature.  The cells need to be activated.

The experiences of the child trigger the electrical activity necessary to enable the brain to develop connections and grow.

The root brain structure, which provides the foundation for future learning functioning is largely established by the age of three.  By then the foundations for thinking, language, aptitudes, and attitudes have been laid down and the structure and design of the brain is almost complete.

A baby born with a potential for greatness encoded in his genes may turn out to have a gift for logic or a brilliant criminal mind, the direction is defined by his early experiences.

Information taken from the Fact Sheet: Stages of Brain Development,


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